WOW Brows Website Portfolio

You would be hard presses to find another agency who cares as much about your business as you do.  13 Years with Brand X Mobile and Drake LaDue has served me and my company well.

Bill Kaufed

Owner, WOW Brows Studio

Project description

When we first started together in 2012, WOW Brows had no real website, mobile site, no social identity, and they had a paper check-in process. Their client database total count was 3200 members.
Today their database has more than 21,000 active members, an sms database of more than 12,000 member contact numbers, they have greater than 1500 Facebook friends, and the check-in process is now digital.

Technical and Service Scope:

  • Website – Designed and built using Divi theme builder on top of WordPress
  • Mobile Site – Designed and built using
  • SEO/SEM – BXM’s FSD a structured data automation tool
  • Google My Business – Manage and setup  7 Google Businesses
  • Google Cloud – Manage, setup, and integrated relevant APIs
  • Digital Marketing – Manage and setup relevant APIs. Designed and deployed Mailchimp email campaigns
  • Social Network – Manage, setup, and integrated relevant APIs for Facebook and Twitter
  • Videos – Designed and built in Adobe After Effects