Back from the Brink-Mom & Pop Shops

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It feels like a scene out of Marvel’s End Game, where Thanos has all but defeated the Avengers. Against all odds, beaten, and in what will surely be his final battle, Captain America stands defiantly. When it seems the day is lost, 1 then 3 then hundreds of portals open and the entire Marvel Universe of Heroes step forward and the day is saved.

Unfortunately for the small business sector, there’s no climactic cinematic score, no super hero army and the Covid-19 Pandemic is still kicking ass and taking no prisoners. The Mom and Pop shops need our help and support and they need it fast!

Here’s a quick lesson on the economy. Small businesses are responsible for 50% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). That’s 10.27 trillion dollars, and almost half of the nation’s private sector workforce (49.2 percent) is employed by small businesses–that’s 120 million people! Throwing loans and money at the current unemployment and devastated small business sector is at best a bandaid. Small businesses need to reach and reconnect with their audience.

The small business audience is scared, financially strapped, and more connected than ever before. The real heroes here are Marketers, Media and Technology. We can bring small business back from the brink. The effort needs to be a strategic partnership of all three services properly deployed and in some cases deferring costs throughout the re-opening phases. If we miss our marks the small business sector will suffer and in turn, we too will fail.

This challenge looks scary and feels way too big to wrap our hands around, but we can help the Mom and Pop shops with simple fixes.

Just for starters:

  • Marketers can help small businesses craft reassuring messages or direct them as to which platform(s) would best suit their business needs, i.e email, social media, etc…
  • While media placement may be cost prohibitive for the Mom and Pop shops at the moment, they NEED exposure to your audience. Their success hinges here. I recognize it’s all about inventory and first come first serve, but the effective use of a media outlet has a positive impact on small businesses. Restructuring your inventory and or pricing will pay off in the long run. Another idea may be to give marketers and tech guys a podium to help your audience.
  • Tech Guys can offer Free Digital Assessments – Give them a roadmap that points out quick and simple improvements prioritized by the level of impact affected to their business

You are probably scratching your heads right about now and thinking “but we offer these services already” – and that may be true. But right now, during Phase 1, we need to tell all the Mom and Pop shops “don’t worry, take a breath, we’re here to help”.

I know this for sure, we (The Human Race) are ingenious. We put a robot on Mars, heck we built a robot! We can and we will conquer Covid-19. Superheroes do exist!