The Challenge

We all love talking about our businesses and why we do what we do. But when someone experiences an organization’s mobile experience for the first time it’s usually for something like location, services/products or hours of operation etc.. Delivering or serving up a mobile landing page for anything other than what the user searched for is wasting their time.

K.I.S.S.M.E. Goal Approach

We’ve developed a “Keep It Short and Sweet Mobile Experiences” goal approach to meet the needs of the organization as well as the end user. Although each approach is customized for the desired goal as well as the mobile landing page, there’s a set of core best practices which are applicable to every type of mobile experience. We’ve listed a few below which will increase your odds of developing long term relationships with your mobile audience.

Building a list whether it be social, email, or text is crucial to the success of any long term consumer relationship strategy. We recommend the following list building strategy:

  • Be transparent and communicate clearly your list building intentions
  • Keep to 2 or 3 form fields at first (full name, email and or phone number)
  • Offer an instant redeemable incentive to maximize list growth

Make sure the mobile landing page which ends up being displayed contains the content the end user searched for. Limit the number of choices which can be made to no more than 3. Less is definitely More in this case Buttons and Text need to be BIG. If either are too small (no matter how cool or pretty the page looks) your end user will get frustrated and leave if they can’t read it or interact with it. Writing about your organization through a blog is more effective than an “about page”. Consumers trust, learn more and want to engage with organizations who use a blog to tell their stories. Always provide a clear and obvious way for end users to call and or email you with 1 click. End users will not (unless you are the only game in town) hunt for a way to contact an organization . 80% of the time an end user will leave if the mobile page load takes longer than 10 seconds. Keep your page “light” by following these guides:

  • Limit the number of images to 2 or 3 and keep your image sizes low (less than 100k is great).
  • When using video you should keep to one video per page.
  • Minimize the use of complicated or very long application scripts.

Navigating an unfamiliar site can be intimidating and challenging especially on a small screen. Use icons and text in your navigation schema. Don’t get fancy, use terms like “email/contact us”, “call”, “directions” etc… Subscribe to’s NEWS and Mobile Resource Library below. In addition to our library you’ll receive:

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What are you waiting for? The right mobile strategy partnered with the right tools build long term relationships with your mobile audience!